Asking the right people the right questions is the essence of quantitative research.  Having the knowledge and judgement to deliver it is what we do.

Delivering quantitative research requires accuracy, and a comfort with data and statistics.  We have rigorous quality control procedures in place to ensure the information we collect is accurate.

But usable research is more than just numbers.  To make good decisions, our clients need a wider view.  We design our research to provide the ‘why’ behind the numbers – the motivations, attitudes and reasons – so that our research provides the full picture.

Our key quantitative research services are as follows:

Computer-aided telephone interviews (CATI)

Telephone-based research has been a staple of our service for many years.  There are many aspects to doing these well: correct sampling; questionnaires that ask clear, intelligent questions while respecting the respondent’s time; and interviewers who can both talk and listen.  We have completed countless studies with base-sizes from 200 to 2,000.  In all studies we use contact details provided by the client and observe all data protection requirements.

In-person surveys

These can be a highly cost-effective solution when target respondents are naturally concentrated in particular areas.  Examples would be major tourism attractions for surveying tourists, or transport hubs (airports, major bus/rail stations) for travellers.  Our company has used in-person surveying in large-scale projects in tourism, transport and other sectors.

Online surveys

Online surveys can be effective in terms of both time and cost.  In general, they work best when the subject-matter of the research is of real interest to the target respondents.   In many situations, companies can do online surveys themselves.  In other situations, an independent 3rd party research company is needed to assure respondents of the confidentiality of their answers.  We have conducted numerous online surveys for clients who appreciate the research expertise we have, and the respondent confidentiality we provide.