We are one of Ireland’s most long-established research companies.  We help our clients improve what they do.  We help them make better, more informed decisions by providing a real understanding of their customers and stakeholders.

The best research projects have a genuine problem that needs to be solved.  Our approach is to not just complete the project, but to solve the problem.  We do this by putting ourselves in your shoes.  At all points in the process, we keep foremost in our minds the decisions you need to make and the key information you need.

Of course, getting the right solution will need your input.  We take a consultative approach, discussing the results with you, looking at the results together, and discussing solutions based on our deeper knowledge of the data and your deeper knowledge of your business.

We are a member of ESOMAR, Europe’s primary market research body, and follow their codes of research practice

The 6 steps of the research process

  • 1. Define the problem and info needed

  • 2. Identify Cost-Effective Solution

  • 3. Design research instrument (e.g. questionnaire)

  • 4. Collect Data

  • 5. Analyse Results

  • 6. Deliver Answers and Insights