Useful Tools

Stats calculators
Let's say you're looking at a figure in a report and you'd like to know what the margin of error is.  Or you're looking at satisfaction ratings for your brand and a competitor brand, and you want to know if the differences in ratings are statistically significant or within the margins or error.   Read more.

Choosing a sample size and Ready Reckoner for margins of error
This is a one page pdf file.  On the top part you'll find a chart that shows why a sample of 200-300 is the most cost-effective trade-off between statistical accuracy (margin or error) and research cost.  The bottom part of the page has a Ready Reckoner of margins of error at different percents and sample size.  Click here to open pdf file in new window.

Finding duplicate records in your database
Want to find duplicate records in your database? This is an easy-to-use add-on for MS Excel. Read more. 

How to draw a random sample from your database
Want to randomise the order of your database? For example, say you want to draw a sub-sample from your customer database and you want it to be a random sample.  It's easy. Read more.