Tools: random samples

Drawing a random sub-sample from your database

You'll need to have a random-number-generator MS Excel add-on.  Here's a link to the one we use, cost is €20-€25 approx,  click here to open link to Add-Ins website in new window. 
(Note: we have no association with this company, the link to this website is provided solely because we have used this product and have been happy with it).
  1. (if required) Export your database to MS Excel
  2. Use 'Save As' to make a new copy
  3. Add a new column using Insert, Column
  4. Click on the cell in the new column at which you want the first random number.
  5. Open the random number generator (if the icon doesn't show on you toolbar, look under the Tools menu bar, and if required, under Add-Ins)
  6. Click OK for "Generate random numbers in a selection of cells"
  7. Follow the instructions
  8. Once the random numbers have been generated, highlight the entire spreadsheet and use the Data/Sort command to sort data in ascending order. You have now randomised your database.