How many times have you made a wrong decision due to insufficient or inaccurate information? How often would you have done things differently “if only I had known that at the time”?  Probably quite a lot.  If you missed the bus because you didn’t check the timetable, the cost might not be too high.  But when your organisation makes decisions on how its people and financial resources are deployed, the cost of wrong decisions can be substantial.

That’s why at Franklin Research, our mission is to help our clients make the most informed decisions possible.  And since 2003, we've been doing just that.

Why Franklin? What you get at Franklin is an experienced research team, who bring together ideas and research methods from Ireland and around the world.  We are strong in statistical analysis but ensure that our findings are delivered from a business perspective. Our presentations are concise and jargon-free, our reports thorough and detailed.

During projects we observe the old research maxim “ask the right questions to the right people and…. details, details, details”.  Our job is to anticipate problems before they arise so our clients can focus on their other tasks, confident that their project is in safe hands.

For surveys, our mantra is “engage the minds of the respondents”. Accurate and insightful findings cannot be achieved when respondents mentally ‘switch off’ during surveys.  Our shared experience is that our industry, globally, is weak on this.  And that’s why we employ a variety of strategies to keep respondents engaged in your survey.

We've been lucky to work with some great companies, both established names and the up-and-coming.  See more in our Clients  section.

We won’t bang-on all day. We’ll just add that we are located in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, on the seafront overlooking the beautiful harbour and marina. And remember, we'd love to hear from you - be it for a research quote, advice or feedback on our site - so please feel free to  Contact us  .