Best Practice Examples

Product performance

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your product/service?   Would you like to see them presented CONCISELY?  


Brand Positioning

How is your brand positioned relative to your competitors?   A brand map shows this VISUALLY 



Product-line extensions

Which new product will maximise the appeal of the product line? Let’s say you make yoghurt and your current flavours are strawberry, raspberry and apple.  The research shows that pear would the most popular new flavour.  So go with pear? Not necessarily.  The most popular new product is not necessarily the one that will best broaden the appeal of the overall product line.  That’s where TURF analysis comes in. Read more


Segmentation & targeting

What are the customer segments in your market? How big is each segment?  Which ones are targets for your company?  What are their needs and what are the key communications messages that will appeal to them?  Read more


Customer service

The performance of customer service agents and sales representatives is a key driver of satisfaction and brand loyalty. That’s why it’s a big part of research. Read more

Communications and advertising

Focus groups are often used to assess ad campaigns prior to launch and quantitative measurements for measuring their impact. Read more