BP: product line extensions

Which new product will maximise the appeal of the product line? Let’s say you make yoghurt and your current flavours are strawberry, raspberry and apple.  The research shows that pear would the most popular new flavour.  So go with pear? Not necessarily.  The most popular new product is not necessarily the one that will best broaden the appeal of the overall product line. The people who like pear flavour may also like your existing flavours. Perhaps there's another flavour that will be better at enticing new customers to try your products.

Total Unreplicated Reach & Frequency (TURF) analysis. Awful name but useful method.  A TURF analysis calculates the combination of product offerings that will maximise market coverage.  In product-line extensions it shows which new product will give you the highest incremental coverage.  For example:

  • a financial services client wanted to increase website visits.  They were considering various new services such as a mortgage calculator, an advice line, a guide to managing finances, etc.  We were able to identify 2 services that would provide a high level of appeal, and demonstrate that there would be very little benefit of adding services beyond those two.