BP: measuring customer service

The performance of customer service agents and sales representatives is a key driver of satisfaction and brand loyalty. That’s why it’s a big part of research. We do a lot of these types of projects and some examples will show the benefits:


  • A financial services client wanted to measure its service to SME customers.  Contact details of customers were provided by the client and the survey was conducted quarterly by telephone.  First quarter results showed very high satisfaction on most issues but lower ratings on two factors.  The client undertook to take corrective action and by the fourth quarter the ratings had significantly improved.  The project shows how good research combined with good implementation of findings can achieve improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.



  • A client wanted to know how its customer service compared to its competitors.  1,000 telephone surveys were conducted by random digit dial.  Respondents were asked which company they used and then to rate their satisfaction with that company on a range of issues.  Due to the market shares, we knew in advance the RDD method would produce sufficient samples for each of the competitors of interest.  The results indicated some clear differences in customer service performance between the companies.