BP: communications effectiveness

Focus groups are often used to assess ad campaigns prior to launch, and quantitative measurements for measuring their impact. Again, some examples can show the benefits:


  • A client had a campaign at concept stage that was a considerable departure from the style of previous ones.  Focus groups were conducted among target consumers.  The results showed that while the concept was considered creative, the theme had some negative associations which would be damaging for the brand.


  • A client had implemented a campaign targeted at raising awareness in specific regions of Ireland, and wanted to know its impact.  1,000 telephone surveys were conducted of the general public, with 200 surveys in each of three target areas and 400 surveys done nationally outside these areas (i.e. the national surveys acted as the control group, with the target areas as the test group).  The results showed statistically significant higher awareness in the target areas, indicating that the communications had been successful.